Wacker Neuson Climate Control

A complete line of climate control products are portable and user friendly, offering easier job site set-ups, lower labor costs while keeping projects on time and on budget.

Hydronic Heat: Thaw ground, Cure concrete, Prevent frost, and Heat workspace.

Air Heat: Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty indirect heaters.

Drying: Drying Systems, Dehumidifiers, and Fans.

Air Heaters

Wacker Neuson’s complete line of air heaters brings clean, dry air to where you need it on the job site. Indirect-fired air heat creates an ideal environment that allows contractors to work year round and extends the work season even in harsh and cold weather. Whether it’s residential or commercial building construction, pipeline or oil field maintenance, mining or underground construction, indirect fired air heat provides a consistent and safer heat source.

Light Duty Air Heaters bring heat to various workspaces. They can handle various heating and drying applications with 180,000 to 300,000 BTUs/hr at 200-degree outlet temperature.

Models: GroundHeater Cub200, GroundHeater Cub300, and new GroundHeater Cub300HD.

Features: Indirect fired air heaters produce clean, dry, healty heat. 24-hour run time. Units run at over 80% efficiency. Durable heat exchanger and fire box are made from 100% stainless steel.

Model# OutputFuel CapacityWeight


146,000 btu26.42 gallons185 lbs
CUB300242,000 btu36.72 gallons256 lbs
CUB300HD242,000 btu61.5 gallons583 lbs

Accessories: Remote Thermostat, Fexible Ducts, Duct Adapter, Exhaust Pipes, and Rain Cap.

Medium and Heavy-Duty Air Heaters

  Cub 400/700 Medium Duty Double the cfm of comparable heaters. Four times the static  pressure. 3 Fuel options. Stainless Steel heat exchangers.

Cub 700 Mobile Double the cfm of comparable heaters. Four times the static pressure. Three Fuel options. Stainless Steel heat exchangers. Trailer mounted for job site mobility.

 Artic Bear HD Engineered for extreme environments. Indirect Fired heater. 430,000 to 770,000 BTU/H. Outlet temperature.

 Artic Bear XHD Engineered for extreme environments. Indirect Fired heater. 430,000 to 770,000 BTU/H. Outlet temperature.

Concrete Curing Blanket

Red Wave Reflective Laterally Conductive Blankets. Cure concrete uniformly. Thaw Faster.

The most efficient, convenient, cost effective blanket available.

Features: Thin, effective high-tech polymer/aluminum laminate. 14% greater insulation effectiveness. Stores in 30% of the space traditional blankets require. 750 sq. ft. blanket weighs only 53 lbs. Reduced labor costs, one person set-up.

RedWave1/4" x 6' x 125'53 lb.

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